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Magnesium Supplements Lower Blood Pressure, Prevent Calcification

A meta-analysis of 22 human magnesium supplement trials concludes that magnesium can lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. A new animal study shows that magnesium can help clear out arterial calcification while reducing damage to the vascular system.

In the human blood pressure trials the best results occurred with doses from 370 mg up to 970 mg magnesium per day. The higher the dose the better the response. The study is important because magnesium deficiency is common in the United States, especially among people who struggle with ongoing health issues.

In the animal study researchers tested the effect of magnesium supplements on calcification of arteries. They found that magnesium relieved the degree of calcification with higher doses, offering better protection. They concluded that magnesium “plays a role in the pathogenesis of vascular calcification by reducing vascular calcification and decreasing vascular injury.”

Magnesium is involved with many enzymes and other factors associated with cardiovascular function. Refined foods and magnesium depleted soils have placed the entire American population at risk of deficiency of this key mineral. It is nice to see that supplementing with magnesium can make such a difference.

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